What is MACRS?

The Massachusetts Association for Contributory Retirement Systems (MACRS), which was established in 1937, is the only organization whose sole purpose is to preserve and strengthen the 104 public retirement systems of the Commonwealth. Collectively, MACRS represents the interests of over 350,000 active and retired employees.

Who can belong to MACRS?

There are two types of members: retirement systems and associates. Only retirement members can be voting delegates at MACRS meetings. However, public employee union leaders, retiree representatives, pension fund management professionals, and other government officers are invited to join as associate members.

Who should belong to MACRS?

If you represent a profession that does business with public retirement systems… you should be a member. If you are the leader of a union made up of public employees who rely on a Massachusetts public pension for retirement… you should be a member.

If your job performance can be enhanced with knowledge of Massachusetts retirement law and public pension funds… you should be a member.

What services does MACRS provide its membership?

MACRS provides a wide range of services to its membership.


MACRS conducts two statewide meetings each year. Each meeting features speakers, small group presentations and roundtable discussions. In addition, each meeting is an important opportunity for informal exchange of ideas and information about our retirement benefits. Educational workshops When important issues confront the retirement community, MACRS sponsors regional workshops to educate the members and to provide a forum for questions and debate.


A newsletter has been developed to keep MACRS members informed of issues which impact the retirement law and to announce association activities.


MACRS retains legal counsel and a legislative agent to provide professional services. MACRS acts on behalf of our retirement systems in the courts, before administrative agencies, and with the Legislature.


Each year MACRS initiates legislation to improve the quality of the Massachusetts retirement law. Also, the Association has been a vocal opponent of attempts to reduce public employee benefits and to under-fund pension plans.


MACRS has formed a political action committee that oversees contributions to political candidates who support the interests of public retirement systems.